Your existing personalization tools don't work for new users without history. You can use retargeting tools to bring back new users, but it is inefficient: First, you fail to convert them in your website. Then, you show your products in affiliate news sites. Your users will feel awkward when their personal products are shown all over the internet and you pay dearly for retargeting ads.

New users

With Guesswork, you can personalize for your new users right inside your mobile website. We can convert anonymous users into registered users and follow them up with email. We can increase your conversion by 30% to 50% and you pay only for the conversion. Take a look at the features that makes this conversion possible:


5 minutes to integrate

You just need to add a single line of code on your website to integrate Guesswork. We will automatically build the product catalog, setup your templates and start recommending products on your mobile website & email.

Zero maintenance

You don’t have to waste any time on user segmentation or writing business rules. Our algorithm decides the right product to recommend to your users. By the end of four weeks, you should see a 30% increase in conversions.


Recommendations on the landing page

Your average mobile website user views only 3 pages. We make recommendations directly on the landing page, be it the home page, category pages or products pages, and engage them before they drop off.

Real-time recommendations

Your users are most likely to buy only if they find the products they like. We learn from user’s response in real-time to adapt our recommendations and help your users shortlist products easily.

Contextual signup widgets

You want new users to signup on your website, but popups with offers & signup forms are no longer effective. Our intelligent widget shows a contextual signup form without annoying the users and boosts your signup.

Works without internet connection

Users use mobile phones to shop online, but many have bad internet connection. Whenever the internet goes offline, we will still show recommendations that add more sales you would have lost otherwise.


Retarget visitors who don’t buy

Your typical buyer visits your site multiple times before making a purchase. We send personalized retargeting emails with product recommendations to bring these users back to the website and convert them.

Re-engage your registered users

Your users hardly see 5% of the products in your catalog. We send product recommendation emails that help them discover new relevant products, and drive quality traffic to your website.

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