Machine learning service to
qualify & engage with leads

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Why qualify and
engage with leads?

Build intelligent CRM
that increases customer conversion

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Personalize newsletters

Don't send one-size-fits-all newsletters to all your customers. Personalize your newsletter to each customer by understanding his market segment and interests.

Predict customer conversion

Predict what product your customer is most likely to buy and the probability of conversion. The sales staff can use that knowledge to follow up with the best lead with the right product.

Respond to inquiries faster

By understanding customer inquiries, Guesswork can auto-suggest responses to such inquiries. Delight your customers with super fast responses and retain them for life.

Guesswork in Action

TractionHunt is an app that finds customers during product launch. It uses Guesswork to analyze profiles of upvoters and finds who your real users are.

See it in action

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Guesswork is built with two goals in mind: high accuracy and ease of use. It runs a rule engine on top of Google Prediction API to improve prediction accuracy and makes it super easy to use. Experience it yourself. Click on the button below to start.

It is easy to create a machine learning project